Our Specialities


Eye-Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing


Individual ~ Couples ~ Group

Psychological Evaluation

Full Evaluations for Autism, ADHD, Personality, Surgical Readiness, and Personnel Selection

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Autism Spectrum Evaluation

We provide full evaluations for Autism Spectrum Disorders for youth and adults.

Surgical Readiness Evaluation

Gender Reassignment evaluations are in conjunction with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health guidelines.

Fit for Duty Evaluation

Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, and Federal Employment Fit For Duty Evaluations.

Trauma Treatment

Evidenced-based treatment for PTSD, Complex Trauma, Dissociative Disorders, and Attachment Issues.

Children, Adolecents, & Couples

Individualized Treatment for Specialized Populations.


Providing biofeedback through EmWave Pro with Heart Rate Variability and AlphaStim

EMDR Consultation

Dr. Temperance Johnson provides in-person and online consultation for EMDR Therapy. She is certified by the EMDRIA board as an Approved Consultant. She specializes in the treatment of trauma and dissociative disorders.

  • drjohnson@wellmind.me