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Counseling & Psychological Assessment

Now providing telehealth for your safety and convenience

WellMind has your safety in mind. We are now equipped to provide telehealth services through a HIPAA-Compliant platform. We are witnessing the profound effects of virtual trauma treatment.

EMDR therapy and our other modalities can be facilitated online and with great results!

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When the Past is Present

Your body keeps score when it comes to all the battles you have endured. Awful mood swings, numbness, anxiety, panic, sleep disturbance, and avoidance can greatly impact living a fulfilled life. Learn more about yourself and how to cope with your difficulties even in the most catastrophic of times.

Dedicated to serving the needs of our community.

At WellMind, we truly believe in your resiliency and ability to overcome turmoil. We understand that asking for help can be very difficult. Many things that are kept tucked inside, haven’t yet been explored and are "stuck;" and continue to affect us physically, emotionally, and mentally. You may have difficulty concentrating, your mood is affected, and you harbor pain and even numbness within the mind and body. We are here to help facilitate your processing of the past so it no longer feels present.

Assessment-Based Treatment

WellMind providers specialize in various treatment modalities in order to help treat a variety of issues to include PTSD, mood disorders, dissociative identity disorder, anxiety, attachment disorders, phobias, and disordered eating.